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Get to know the people behind your home

Navigating the home building process can be an intimidating task but knowing your builder can ease the process and make it less overwhelming.  At Colony Builders, we have skilled professionals that are here to help you transform your dreams into reality. We have an owner with four decades of construction knowledge, and an experienced team who bring it all together.



Bill Taylor came to Alaska following his wanderlust and ended up becoming a commercial fisherman. As the owner of Colony Builders, Bill first found his love for building and Alaska, when he built his cabin on Kodiak Island in the 70s. In 1980, he founded Colony Builders with the goal of seeing quality construction become a reality under his exacting standards and integrity.

Understanding the need for a strong community, Bill has supported multiple youth sports teams as well as serving on the Anchorage Home Builders Board of Directors as both a long-standing member and as President. Over the years, he has worked side by side with the Anchorage Assembly to change ordinances that helped to cut costs and saved homeowners thousands of dollars.



Vice-President, Design Consultant, Realtor

Tami Taylor moved to Alaska in 1981, wanting to partake in the opportunities she had heard only the last frontier could offer. After establishing herself in the banking industry, she decided to alter her course and team up with Bill to grow Colony Builders into the success that it has become.


Moving into real estate she has managed to be one of the top producers in Anchorage for the past 37 years. Combining that with her award-winning design abilities helped complete Colony Builders’ ability to make our clients’ dream homes become realities.



Project Manager

Jason Billman is an Alaskan through and through. Born in Alaska, Jason grew up in Glenallen where he fostered a love for the outdoors and construction. Growing up, Jason's dad taught him the skill of carpentry. From an early age, Jason loved being around tools and machinery, which cultivated his love for woodworking. During his teenage years, he worked alongside his dad building their family homes in Glenallen, Anchorage and Kona. After graduating high school, Jason began his career in custom home building. 
Jason started off his career at Colony Builders as a carpenter in 2009. As a carpenter, he learned that details matter and his attention to detail allowed him to work up the ranks to lead carpenter and eventually to a project manager.  As Colony Builders’ project manager, he brings over 20 years of residential construction experience to the team. From managing multiple jobs at once to putting on the bags when needed, we couldn't imagine ColonyBuilders without Jason.

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Patrick Taylor grew up in Anchorage and has spent his life around Colony Builders. From walking around the jobsites with his parents as a young child, to working as a general laborer during the summers, Patrick has been a part of Colony Builders since he was born. After graduating high school, Patrick attained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon.
Upon graduating college, Patrick worked at a local Anchorage architectural firm, McCool, Carlson, Green, before moving to Bend, Oregon. While in Bend, he worked for one of Central Oregon's most renowned custom home builders where he eventually worked his way to lead architectural designer. He spent 5 years in Central Oregon, sharpening his design skills and residential construction knowledge, before moving back home to join Colony Builders. Patrick's passion for design is a key part of the Colony Builders’ process.

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